NASA Fake Moon Video показывает плоскую Землю! Луна Хоакс реальна

  • Опубликовано 25 Сентября 2017

    Автор: MG TV
    В этом документальном фильме я смотрю много так называемых «доказательств» для земной модели земного шара. От Эратосфена до разных изображений, которые предоставили нам космические агентства и все, что с ними не так. Просочившиеся материалы NASA показывают, как они сделали некоторые из печально известных картин с синим мрамором. Это видео также объясняет многое об Антарктическом договоре, что мешает нам исследовать Антарктиду!
    V etom dokumental'nom fil'me ya smotryu mnogo tak nazyvayemykh «dokazatel'stv» dlya zemnoy modeli zemnogo shara. Ot Eratosfena do raznykh izobrazheniy, kotoryye predostavili nam kosmicheskiye agentstva i vse, chto s nimi ne tak. Prosochivshiyesya materialy NASA pokazyvayut, kak oni sdelali nekotoryye iz pechal'no izvestnykh kartin s sinim mramorom. Eto video takzhe ob"yasnyayet mnogoye ob Antarkticheskom dogovore, chto meshayet nam issledovat' Antarktidu!




Flat Dirth

Joe Chang

All Apollo moon landings were done at moon's morning. The sun was about 13 degree above the horizon, therefore if an object is 1 m tall its shadow should be over 4 m long. I found some short shadows in every mission, here are time marks and video links, you be the judge. 3.33 look their shadows, impossible under morning sun. 3.50 the dancer's shadow shows the sun is over head. not morning sun. 3.55 the rope is waving in the wind. 4.06 shadow becomes so long, why? 4.39 his shadow shows the sun is over head. 2.56 shadows of the man and rock show the sun is over head. impossible for morning moon. 12.36 shadows show the sun is about 60 degree up. 23.31 his shadow is way too short. the sun is supposed to be like 20 degree up. 24.43 shadows are too be true. 28.37 look the shadow, the sun is like 70 degree up. 39.00 the shadow is under the lander, the sun is over head. 41.03 the shadow is under the left over lander. sun is over head. 20.16 rock and people shadows are too short to be filmed on morning moon. 22.23 lander and man shadows are showing the sun is over head. 23.26 shadow is too short to be true. the moon is early morning, all shadows are very long. 26.17 the rocks and the guys have very short shadows, impossible at early morning on the moon. 29.37 the lander and the guy are under the noon sun. 29.47 the bag under the lander is waving in the wind. 15.57 look shadows all point to wrong direction. the flag is falling too. 1.23 to 1.43 why the shadow is under the buggy? the sun is above? 18.40 look their short shadows. should be very long shadows. it was early morning on the moon. 11.07 why those rocks all have very short shadows? 16.20 why their shadows are so shout? 17.36 why shadow is short and wrong direction? noon time on the moon? 21.37 moon lander has no shadow? 20.08 why they have short shadows? 22.53 look the short shadows of the lander and the guy. 8.58 why short shadow? 18.06 their shadows are too short for morning sun. 19.08 lander and the guy shadows are missing. 21.00 the shadow of the rock on the left shows the sun is about 45 degree up. too high for morning sun. 21.35 rock and guy shadows show the sun is about 60 degree up. impossible filmed at morning moon. 24.17 shadows are under lander, sun is over head. too fake. 24.24 listen to the guy.

Mr Mox

ignorance is a bliss...lets leave it at that.

Boz Fone

"We can be spinning on the Earth at 1000 MPH and not know it?" Well, can we be driving down the highway at 55 MPH and not know it? YES. Only a CHANGE in speed can be detected if you close your eyes - once you're up to speed you don't perceive the motion until that speed changes; it's called momentum and G forces. These "flat Earth" and "Never landed on the Moon" enthusiasts keep mentioning the same fewer-than-10 "reasons" over and over - and over - and over again until the end of time. Many of them weren't even born when this history was made, never bother to read the multitude of books that were written during that time (and which already explain the so-called anomalies in great detail LONG BEFORE the hoax theories started) - and spend all their time doubting great achievements instead of going out and achieving great things themselves. So, you guys keep talking on your cell phones and claiming the very technology is not possible DUH And before you start challenging Einstein, know that GPS could not work without observance of the properties he discovered. People will always fear and shun those who disprove traditional beliefs.

Geliefde Liefde

I do not understand what these people think about the sun light if the Earth is in a shape of a coin.

nasus nasus


Simmien Thompson

How do the seasons work on a flat earth not a shill question just really would like to know how we go from hot to cold and back with the same amount of sunlight this has never made any sense to me

Simmien Thompson

So at about 30:00 it was explained for 2 seconds literally just before I paused to write last comment lol

Judah Rise

They lied... We want our money back.

Bobby Mowatt

If anyone believes the earth is flat, they are believing a lie.  The Bible tells us that God hung the circle of the earth on nothing.  It is round.  God said it.  End of story!


how come in outer space you never see stars? even the space station no stars in the background but you can see them from earth?

Martyn Wig

Ples put voce. Som pepol no reed. Not goog for eopl hwo no reed.

This Is My Real Name

After "millions" of years and no one has fallen off this 'flat' earth? I find that rather disappointing... I'm going outside and blowing FLAT bubbles to cheer me up.....

This Is My Real Name

.....Oh, and can anyone explain why if you fly from point 'A' which we will call London and ONLY fly east how you can come back to point 'A' on a flat earth ONLY flying east ? Darn compasses must be hoax now as well!

Tank NDG

Holy shit, you made me realize that the moon is also flat!!!! Thank you!!!


Big flat earth problem for me. I've been way out on the ocean (gulf about 20 miles out) on seadoo's. we stayed out so late the sun was going down, we had to make it back before dark. you see the land disappears, it does not vanish to a point. Its the shore and buildings, lighthouses etc... they go down till the last thing you see is the tallest building's. more we were watching the sun set to the west. It did NOT vanish to a point it went down, it was the same size till it disappeared over the west horizon. anyone that tells you different...... well just watch the sunset see if it vanishes to a point.

Andrew Calvert

i thought de grasse tyson said the earth was shaped like an oblaite speroid and allmost pear shaped so why are nasa pictures show perfectly round globes the guy in this vidio actually points this out wow someone else thought the same thing as me sort of confirms what i was thinking

David Austin

You guys are just jealous. I have had Buck Rogers over for a barbecue and he could not stop bragging about his travels - not only in the solar system either. Using technology "acquired " *wink wink* from aliens in area 51 (the geneva convention does NOT protect aliens) he was able to travel freely in our galaxy. Buck was reticent at first but he loosened up after a couple of Belgian beers and a Navaho peyote button. He shared with me that at our stage of development we are retricted to our own galaxy by a chronosynclastic infundibulum. Hopefully the good researchers at CERN and the LIGO detectors which thank heaven are located on US soil protected 24/7 by elite artillery, SEALs and a squadron of nuclear armed F45s ( yes you heard it right. lockheed F45s a secret aircraft system hidden among the janitorial costings in, of all the things, the budget for the Library of Congress, the squadron is 1 u aircraft 4 in the air at any one time the others in maintenance or on combat standby) prorected by them we are exploring the galaxy and one day the universe. The F45 program is amazing. They are of course transonic and can land or take off on a dime or even a container stack on a cargo ship! And they don't just go forward and straight up and down. In emergencies they can fly backwards, and between noon and midnight (sidereal time , obviously ), they can teleport to one of a dozen secret CIA havens in countries like Poland and Diego Garcia. Why do you think the US is cuddling up to the Cubans? Believe me it is not for the cigars. it is connected with stargates and the Bermuda Triangle ....... oh shit someone is pounding on my door They have broken my 524 bit encryption ) THEY ARE COMING FOR ME!!!!@ THEY DETECTED THIS TRANSMISSION !!!!!@ TELL THE WORLD TO LOOK OU.......


And we never put a probe on mars either! P.S. Elvis is still alive and working a 7-11 in Vegas! :)

Sebastian Bota

Scott Wallace

One sunset over the ocean is enough to disprove the flat Earth.

Richard Charnin

This interview is a hoax - according to Kubrick family members.


20:11 danil kvyat is now david attenborough of space? xD

frank Bensley

what i would like to know the most is ,,who the fuk washes and irons all the nice clean clothes they have on in the space station ?? lol ,, also why always have them floating about like an ass ,, just to be sat or stood with heavy boots on, but ohhhh no ,,they have to really rub the gravity thing down our throats constantly with the same images ,,,WHY THE FUK ?

Tom Nesheim

What happens if we go to the edge? Will we fall off?


Real mental illness going on here! Fuck sake mate go up on a jet and look out the fucking window.

The Contractor

If its a flat Earth that would mean everytime the Sun sets every country on Earth would be plunged into darkness. And when the Sun rises every country would be bathed in light. But thats not the case. Can a flat Earth believer explain this contradiction?


About 10 years ago a friend of mine went on a cruise. We all went to see him off at the dock. I brought my telescope to watch them sail away romantically but to my surprise after I told everyone that we would see the ship sink over the horizon , it never did! It was about 70 miles away when the dot was too small to see but it never got any lower in the sea. I don't know if the world is flat but I do know that we have never been told the truth about anything at any time from the government! Nothing! Not even any of the presidents real names, except for Kennedy and Trump. Look up Bill Clintons real name and you will see what I mean. SO...if the government says the earth is round, it's flat if they tell you McDonalds is good for you, it's bad! This makes it really easy to live your life!

Puck oLucky

Search YouTube: *Debunking a funny thing happened on the way to the moon* (Gempanda2012) It busts Bart Sibrel's so-called smoking-gun evidence.



Michael Marsh

Plot a falling object's velocity, take the derivative and you'll get gravity.


So if Earth was flat how can it be day on one sine and night on the other

satish godi

nasa is really fake


To all of the people in the comments section who keep asking for someone to send a rocket up with a camera trained on the Earth's surface the entire time: Several people have demonstrated that the curvature of the Earth becomes more pronounced the higher up you go, using cameras attached to weather balloons. The response from flat-Earthers? "Fake, fish-eye lens." How exactly would we prove to you that this hypothetical rocket did not also have a special lens to make the Earth look like a globe? All of the evidence we attempt to provide is shot down, stating that all "Globers" are liars, and so any evidence submitted by them is fake...

Brian W

The rocket men who rode atop tons and tons of high explosives were American heroes who had balls tens of time anything you got. These guys would not cover this. You are doing a terrible dis service to these heroes. This American is inspired by the earth rise. Neil Armstrong was, is, a hero of mine, as well as Eugene Cernan RIP. This is nonsense.


"Noone" is not a word..


Nazi's were controlled by the Satanic Mason Network of subhuman mentally-retarded physiologically-mutated shitbags.

René de Kat

What a load of nonsense. Unbelievable. Just look at the footage of earth with the rounded shadow (that's where it's night). That kind of shape of shadow (curved) is only possible on a sphere, not on a disk.

Lord of Banana

I just looked in to it a bit, randomly fast forwarding and stopping for "interesting" bits (which i then took time to analyze, rewinding a bit for context) and this video is the product of a man who seems to do half the research on any topic, acquiring just the right amount of knowledge to interpret it the wrong way and then instead of researching some more, questioning his own interpretation any further he starts making wild assumptions based on incomplete knowledge. A few examples in no particular order: -49:09 : You just assume that the earth has a perfect orbit and that a rotation around it's own axis takes the earth precisely 24 hours. You probably never even heard of what a perihelion or an aphelion is and how it takes earth approximately 23 hours and 56 minutes to rotate around it's own axis and why it would take the sun 24 hours to appear at the same point in our sky due to the earths trajectory -46:30: No, sir and all you need to do to dismiss that is to think about it for a few more minutes. You are standing ON the sphere yourself, take that in to account and it should be blatantly obvious why we don't see a curved horizon, you idiot (and no this is not an empty insult for the sake of being mean, i mean "idiot" by it's very definition) -48:09: Oh okay so that couldn't possible be because of.. you know what? Screw this, instead of explaining i'm just gonna ask you a question: If you treat the whole "sun shrinking" thing as evidence of a flat earth (for which you have oh so precise maps) then tell me: did you ever calculate at what point the sun would start to shrink from the perspective of that camera, at what rate it would shrink, try to back that up with actual data and,.. what am i saying, of course you didn't. It seems odd to you so it must be proof of a flat earth. Fuck precise calculations, you don't need them... you thick moron


Would the earth not be spinning???????

Ian Speirs

even if the apollo missions were faked. this does not "prove the earth is flat" logical shortcuts justified by lack of reasoning and lack of understanding of triginometery. and totally brainwashed by NLP.

Jossi Ossa

Is This The Death Of flat Earth Believers? No need scientist or video; by only one simple question i can answer all questions! Why by night in my country another country will have sun shy? When the sun turns above the flat earth you will see ALWAYS light! If the sun turns above and under the flat earth we ALL will have dark OR... yes,  light! Do you understand that we can see stars from very very far away? Lol, notice how flat earth believers never use any mathematics but only big mouth and GIF's to support their claims! Where is the algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus to prove the Earth is flat? Maybe you believe the sun is backpacker that travel from country to country? Than you need to understand that we can see stars from very very far away... I NEVER see in the middle of the night the sun (that light) even not from far away, but much time only see the moon! All of them told me that our sun is even much closer! So, again... why the hell we don't see the sun by night? I like this young guy; he is only 17 year, much can learn more from him; Sure, some humans are still monkeys that believe in a god and can better use waterproof condom.


I hope the alien invasion kills you first.


fucking mindless idiots.. nothing can enter space the earth is flat there were no moon landings. you are a bunch of deranged lunatics


jesus christ I can't listen to the nonsense. they went around the van Allen belts


it's funny that the picture shown of these radiation belts show a globe

Cory Crandell

do you morons actually believe this drivel? you can't possibly really believe this... all of this is bunk science, observations by the uneducated, uninformed, gullible people who have obviously never been anywhere outside their own, tiny little world. i know all you people want to believe what you please, and taking you into space wouldn't open your eyes. so just go on being stupid, i prefer it actually, we need stupid people to remind the rest of us that you're out there. And to warn our children to not be you....

tasty echos

the big bang wasn't an explosion it was a rapid expansion

Peter Goddard

They spent $billions trying to get to the moon. They could not do it because of the Van Allen Belt. So they had to fake it to make it look like $billions was well spent.


Before i watch this video, i want to be sure its not a christian jezus video, please help me.

Orion Von Walker

anyone who thinks the planet is flat should be shot in the head asap.

Bobby Muolic

I wish my drone could reach the the planet moon and put a camera so I could check if there's a flag there....

The Contractor

Gee whiz! is that what they believe? Well they must be nuts! thanks for the info Puck.


I just added the words "proof" and "evidence" to wikipedia's gravity page. You're welcome.

theshagger2012 oneleg

so whats underneath the flat earth?even a flat surface has an opposite side or is this another lie they have been telling us that a flat coin has only one sideand what stops the oceans from running off the edge?maybe we live in a giant kiddy swimming poolso sattelites in a geo-sync orbit are just flying around in a circle?all the space shuttle missions that show the plant from 200 plus miles are staged ?what about short wave radio signals and the way they are transmitted more trickery?

theshagger2012 oneleg

china has no intention of abiding by the treaty if there are finite res there going to do whatever they feel like and as far as the 60 deg thats to keep us away fro all the HAARP the the usa has built there they have thousands of pieces of military equipment already there google earth has all kinds of pics but wait they must be fake because they claim to have sats in space taking pics so google are in on the hoax as well as every fucking country in history


you know that your phone doesn't use satellite right?

The Free Hobo evanska

How about, on a hot cloudless evening. Aim a telescope on the setting sun, automated fixed to a camera using darkened tinted glass. If I am correct you should be able to see the sun after its gone down past the horizon.


no not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even realno not live not even real

fredinabun ;

That BBC stuff were Armstrong is lying and faking the shot of the earth what do people think about that ? Forget the flat earth thing i just want to talk about that bit.

Lawrence Simmons

The majority are at or below University level intellectual capability. They doubt the Moon landings happened.  The minority are at or above the Degree level intellectual capacity and understand the science. They do not doubt the landings.

Andrei Lucaci

Can you see with telescope from coast of England-cost of America? Or can you see the sun that just went down the horison with most powerfull telescope?

William Coleman

"it's uncannily convincing" that's because it's true. Americans have gone to the moon.end of story

Paul Gagnier

NASA=Fake news

William Blandon

I guess no one notice the earth is not spinning  the earth is fucking flat

William Blain

if they really were on the moon then. the earth would be dark. because you can only see the moon at night

Scott Wallace


Jerry Tevez

Recommend for everyone read this book ''The World Beyond The Poles'' - Amadeo F. Giannini. FREE Download here:

Jerry Tevez

Moon Landing is Fake and what??? In my opinion this is the right time to ask a question about, not how impossible is landing on the MOON surface but how '' possible'' is coming back to the Earth????? PLEASE i need the answer!!


wow it suuuure does not look very cold and uninhabitable there in Antartica from all i have seen. the whole antartic thing is a lie and it is time we know the truth

Moe Abdullah

You clearly must be from the 16th century if you thinking the earth is flat, smdh

Cyrrus S.

Hey i heard that Earth is Flat and that all flatearthers are Gay. Is that thrue? I can't believe this. It must be a hoax...

john bidwell

I dont know conned again but russia must have known or else thay was in on it as well.

Atlanta Bill

The Flat Earth hoax was invented to discredit serious research, like the one into the Apollo hoax here. The Glocke (Nazi anti-gravity bell) hoax is an extension of the Ahnenerbe project of the Nazis to use propaganda about their creating flying saucers and other outlandish weapons in order to demoralize their enemies.

Drew Thompson

Another BS site. There are sites with real science and real discussions. No need to waste time here.

Richard Harrison

Thank-you for sharing!

Jack Mathys

Well, heck, this conspiracy is sure one big hoot! Have we given up on JFK, the moon missions, OKC, 9/11, Bengazi, etc.? I surely wish we could solve those before we hitch our stars to something like The Flat Earth conspiracy. Apparently all those others have everyone stumped or they realize no one cares anymore (not in Congress, anyway), so they find something else. It's more important to the national conscience, if there is such a thing, to find out who killed JFK and why, etc., than whether or not the earth is flat. I don't see any serious implications one way or the other even if a case can be proved.

Ist van

Let us pause for a moment and give a thought to those who were tortured and killed by the same peeople who belived the earth is flat and in the center of the universe... The same people who invaded countries/land and plundered their resources, raped their woman in the name of religion.. Who put the greater part of the earth in darkness in their crusade/inquisition... Blessed those who ask and present alternatives to common beliefs who stimulate the minds and make advances in human knowledge... Whichever is the case.. Please take better care of the earth..


Dude this earth is not flat it's a ball Bc if it was flat all of the water would fall off I think Bc it's flat and over 90 p͟͟e͟͟r͟͟c͟͟e͟͟n͟͟t͟͟ o͟͟f͟͟ r͟͟e͟͟ e͟͟a͟͟r͟͟t͟͟h͟͟ i͟͟s͟͟w͟͟a͟͟t͟͟e͟͟r͟͟

marvPGEE see this picture- NASA IS FAKING

Lawrence Simmons

Still Crows You've spilled over into psychopathic criminology.  My point is that those who can't get their heads around physics, engineering, technology and science are far more likely to shout 'fake'.

René de Kat

How do you flat earthers explain this 24/7 camera feed from the International Space Station?

Jen Zim

how did they do google earth?

marcel steenwoerd


marcel steenwoerd


marcel steenwoerd


marcel steenwoerd


marcel steenwoerd


Mike Perkins

One factor they never hid any better in later missions than they did in first attempt. It was present in all, but people missed it as it is a taken for granted event, though this event is not the same there as here, but Stanley missed and so did nearly all earth people, but it is true. I will give a hint in saying; Yes NASA's wallet is also Fat. Nilson wrote a song that perfectly stated what happened. The song was called: " The Point" listen and you will know what I mean ............. cheers

American Gangster

Ever see the red bull guy fall from space on a Go Pro, looks like a round earth to me.


So, if the earth is flat how come a ship disappears over the horizon if it sails away from you? Surely it should just get smaller and smaller, but still be visible. One could be forgiven for thinking that flat earthers are literally and metaphorically on a "different planet"!


Great vid telescopes are a massive con...they only magnify... my Nikon P900 is better than any big bullshit scope on Earth!!! Fact!!...thanks... kj..

Star Geezer

i suggest one of the flat earth advocates sponsor a 'Lindbergh' type flight from the western area of Australia (along 120 degrees east longitude) directly over the South Pole. If the earth is a globe it should pass over the Falklands, approximately, while if it is a pizza, as the flat-earthers suggest, it should fly to, umm... i dunno, into oblivion i guess? Anyway, flying into oblivion would seem to be a noble and fitting cause to prove the correctness of this theory.

Ahmad Zulirfan

Looks like someone forgot about moon at 1:23

Leo Wong

Atheistic scientists are agents of Satan out to destroy Christianity.

S. J. Rich

Steve Syed, you speak truth like a hero. Well said.


Alot of people don't like and accept thoes balloon footages, probably because they weren't made by NASA.


I think at this stage of the game, with all the evidence, new and old, you would have to be either incredibly stupid or incredibly stubborn to still think man went to the moon.

Jack Venture

I don't believe the earth is flat, but I certainly believe the moon landings we're faked.


No one ever went to the moon these dumb jackasses

The Bloody Truth

Consider this... If we can watch a ship sail "over the horizon" (curvature) with our naked eye, as we were all taught in school, then it would be fair to say that from the same vantage point looking out to sea, we should see that curvature from left to right. We do not! It is flat! That same curvature should be constantly rolling down and away as we gain altitude, yet if you watch the redbull "space" jump video you will see a view out the capsule door when he opens it. The camera is positioned behind Felix Baumgartners head and the horizon is at eye level through the door from the back of the capsule!! That is simply not possible on a globe from 1280000ft!!! It's flat folks!!! Get over it and spread the word.

Pat Howell

Ridiculous. God created our universe and the earth will live on was created with perfection. We are the perfect distance from the sun to sustain life,; we have a system of water within an atmosphere to convert to a gas and then redistribute it as a liquid to nourish our plant life. Perfect rotation to give us the seasons. The challenges we face are the actions of man. I encourage you to consider not just science, but instead the divine supernatural Creator, who surpasses all understanding. Respecfully...

Ayaly Kiao


Mar Blox

Hey Apollotards. !!! The earth is NOT flat and men never walked on the moon either. Got it.!!!

T terd

fuck neil de grass he thinks he's so smart but he aint


the  voice sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger ?


This video is pure autism xd


Always watch flatard vids for a good laugh, pure fantasy

chris holder

Folks, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE! This is a fraud....this is FAKE NEWS....this is BULLSHIT....I ask the originator of this 2000 year old flat earth crap to save himself the embarrassment of being laughed at by GOD himself..... Take this video down immediately!

Snakeman Grass

moon video a lie because no one has ever been there.

Peter Scheen

Assumptions are always made. flat earthers make the biggest assumptions and twist reality to fit there ideas.

LasVegas Showgirl

I was in a plane 6 miles up plus. There was no curvature . Doesn't NASA make a lot of money ding nothing , if the earth is flat? There are many explanations for the seasons, and sunset and sunrise etc... Admiral Byrd said that there were land masses pass Antartica. Apparently, there are Watchers that do not allow just anyone to pass over Antartica. There are early maps that show these land masses. I say , keep an open mind and know that many great secrets shall be revealed!

Mar Blox

Update: The earth is not flat and also men were never even close to the moon. The Apollo Landings on the moon were faked. Next Question Please.


here is my challenge to the globeheads---prove the curve, scientifically, or shut the fuck up. no cgi photos that we all know are fake. prove the curve or stfu.


Have you ever noticed a lot of stuff on earth is (round) wheels, donuts, baseballs, soccer balls, Ferris Wheels. How can a satellite orbit around a flat earth? And of all the other planets show them to be round. If you truly believe the earth is flat...please get to a head doctor (TODAY)!!!


The sheer amount of idiocy here is perplexing. No, scratch that. You are literally to stupid to insult.

Cindy G.

This book has really opened my eyes to the idea that everything NASA tells us is really suspect. I'm not a conspiracy person, but it obviously seems that something is weird. If anyone's interested





Peter Smith

In the Book of Job, It speaks of the, Circle of the Earth!

short and random

If they really went why would they need to fake any of it ? clearly some is faked so you have to assume its all bollox

corey breeden

couldn't someone just follow the sun to proove fe

Danny James

Who cares. Just belive both and live and let die.

Rob Smith

What is the benefit to tricking us into thinking the earth is a globe when it's flat? I mean... what would I care??

paul smith

nobody has thought about one thing...NASA says that the earth is traveling around the sun at 49000 mph or something and the earth, sun etc is traveling at 400,000 or something mph how the fuck, can a rocket lunched from earth into space at a max speed of 17000 mph travel toward the moon that is moving away at 24 times faster than the rocket...also once in space the earth will be coming 24 times faster behind the rocket, so in theory the rocket should crash back onto earth, as soon as its left the hold of the so called gravity.....unless NASA has another bull shit understand what i'm saying

Jacobt Thoronn

My balls are flat dealing with the cow I'm living now.. unreal..I don't blame mother Earth dealing so many assholes..time to mother Earth to get rid of us...

Jacobt Thoronn

the sun is square..


Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. Nikola Tesla

Epic Epik

earth is an oval shape


if the earth is flat how was Apollo 11 in "Low Earth Orbit"? How do you orbit a flat surface?

Hunter Of Liars

...wait almost 2 seconds and then... "TALK !" --- o...m...g...

Jon Roberts

edit and play back for world viewers . mind you the transmission is analog technology. and this was done with live feed '69-72.

Gerald Sanders

He just called all of us "insignificant"...tiny dot in a sun beam...ALL A LIE!!!

Gerald Sanders

problem with this video is he is showing the wrong Antarctica...! I wouldn't doubt this is a propaganda video...His words sound somewhat original but when the map came out...BULLSHIT!!!


Oh yes the earth is flat and the president of U.S are Donald Duck....yepp...when did all this start that the earth suddenly is flat? some drunk something I don't know?,,,,Zzzzzzzz I can't stand watching this I feel we all know when we take snow and make a snowball its flat?????????????....and if you let it roll down a hill it get more and more flat????????

Come Alive

Please pray for the people who work for NASA. They need to leave NASA and quit being part of this deception. Their souls are in jeopardy.

Head Cheese

if it were flat why the lie?? if they never got to the moon how could they show a flat earth? i smell foolery and idiots creating division

Robert Perry

The Apollo missions were certainly faked, and the International Space Station is just NASA 'reality TV'. The Space Shuttle Challenger was probably an empty shell NASA intentionally exploded to gain public sympathy and support. However, I believe the space shuttle missions were partially real to the extent they achieved an altitude of 48 miles above Earth, though their true objectives were clandestine. I believe that NASA maintains secrets kept from public view, such as private space programs limited by technology and the 7,200-mile barrier established by the recently discovered electromagnetic shield (firmament). I do not believe NASA has sent a manned vehicle beyond 48 miles above the Earth plane due to the liquid helium layer of atmosphere at that altitude, which would extinguish rocket engines. They would need alternative propulsion systems to penetrate this liquid helium layer. HERE IS A LINK OF AMATEUR ROCKETS HITTING A LIQUID HELIUM BARRIER AT 48 MILES. There is an impenetrable electromagnetic force field or (firmament) 7,200 miles above the Earth plane. I have found no credible evidence that any space agency has ventured beyond this 7,200-mile barrier, nor are they ever, inasmuch as this electromagnetic plasma force field is impermeable even to light. Infrared (heat) and ultraviolet radiation (light) are longer wavelengths than the cosmic background radiation field. Therefore, all celestial objects are within 7,200 miles. This means the Sun, ‘moon’, ‘stars’, and ‘planets’ (Greek for wandering stars) are all within 7,200 miles above Earth. The ‘stars’ and ‘planets are simply electromagnetic phenomenon; watch some YouTube videos of ‘stars’ and ‘planets’ optically magnified and you will be convinced that they are just lights in the sky. HERE IS AN ARTICLE PROVING AN IMPENETRABLE FORCE FIELD SHIELD AT 7,200 MILES HERE ARE ARTICLES PROVING THE UNIVERSE IS FLAT AND THE EARTH IS IN THE CENTER The Sun, 'moon', 'stars', and 'planets' are under the firmament. Also, space is composed of condensed gas or liquid. The 'thermosphere' comprises all of 'space', which extends between 72 miles and the firmament, 7,200 miles above Earth. The liquid of ‘space’ is contained between the firmament and the liquid helium atmospheric layer, and seems to be inhabited by living organisms that absorb energy from the Sun, which is only 160 miles above Earth. I refer to the work of Martyn Stubbs, a cable TV station manager from Vancouver, who intercepted and recorded thousands of hours of audio/video transmissions between NASA mission control and space shuttle astronauts during the 90’s. The following links are to his YouTube channel that contains recorded audio/video segments of space shuttle missions. However, I believe the recordings are probably from camera equipment aboard probes attached to the space shuttle suspended on the Earth side of the liquid helium layer by a tether, which contains electrical/communication connections. Obviously, the 'space' probes would require some method of propulsion similar to a submarine, and have electromagnetic shielding due to the presence of the Sun. NASA says that some things are “swimming” in space; so, space is liquid? listen at: 3:08 min. Also, the fact that these electromagnetic lifeforms that are “swimming” in space within a liquid containing the Sun proves that the Sun is not a nuclear fusion reactor. Likewise, this proves that the alleged extreme heat of the ‘thermosphere’ is false. HERE IS A LINK OF SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION STS-63 AND ‘SHOOTING STARS’ (UFO’s) Notice the ‘shooting stars’ (UFO’s) at 2:40 min. are traveling along on opposite sides of the liquid helium layer. Although NASA spokespersons refer to the illuminated objects travelling across space as ‘shooting stars’, it requires oxygen in atmosphere for a ‘falling’ object to ‘burn’. Whereas, the illuminated objects in question are outside of Earth’s atmosphere and are not ‘falling’; they change directions, and some move away from Earth.

Anthony Roy

Friggin idiot

Angela Dawson

Can't see any spin on the earth!

Laura Lauren

Disney would have done it better.

Doug Zembiec

I've been to Antarctica in summer. The sun never set for the 3 weeks I was there. Care to explain that

Doug Zembiec

In an alternate universe Jesus lives on a flat earth..... In this universe however Jesus never existed and the earth is a globe


Look motherfuckars if they where able to make the whole world believe a lie with those crappy pictures and videos imagine now with all the technology ...I bet next time the moon landing will be on Facebook Live

Boz Fone

I'm keeping an open mind about it, just for the record. But when I do decide to accept something as the absolute truth, it likely won't be the result of a video viewed on history's largest and farthest-reaching gossip column to date.

Boz Fone

Okay guys, let's forget the argument for the moment and let me ask you one question that I haven't seen discussed on You Tube, something that only an Avionics Technician repairing equipment for NASA (that would be me at my last day job, easily proven) would know: Why do they avoid using CRT based displays in an environment of zero atmospheric pressure?


actually, a simple nikkon p900 camera ($500.00 -550.00) disproves the globe THEORY(that means not a fact), and since you cannot come up with any scientific measurement of any curve, there is only one side to this argument really. and and and. point is, theres hundreds of measurements anyone can do anywhere on earth,365 days a year, 24 hrs a day, weather permitting over any water(unobstructed,FLAT surface) that prove no curve, with data, scientifically. you can do these yourself at ANY water ANYWHERE ON EARTH. but you cannot measure that 8 inches per mile squared anywhere on earth. anywhere. so realize that over 3/4 of the earth is water, and it is flat. a globe is impossible with 3/4 of the object flat. so.... no scientifically proveable measureable curve = no globe. fact.

Dave Freeman

NASA never shows people doing jobbies or wee wees or periods in space. Space suits must be full of jobbies.


Enough a single reason to prove that the man did not go to the moon could not go in this pile of garbage

Braeden Mikesell

Flat Earth, No moon? Here No atmosphere No Inner Core, Outer Core, or Mantle No Magnetic field Damaging temperatures No tides

Kc Mitchell

So you're using a moon landing hoax video which you claim is a FAKE to PROVE the Earth is flat? If it's a fake video than the "flat earth" seen is fake as well, no other way to put it. With that logic I can say "hey look at this Hollywood made video that proves the Transformers exist". Use your brain before posting shit like this. Well I guess using your brains got you into believing the Earth is flat, or was it rather a lack of brain use? hmm nothing funnier than sheep calling others blind to false evidence of something that doesn't exist and physically as well as scientifically CANNOT EXIST. And yes all you flat earthers are sheep, and Eric Dubay is your shepherd of lunacy.

Kc Mitchell

oh by the way here's your "Antarctic Treaty". NOWHERE does it say anything about no one being able to go there. It talks about claimed land between counties, it is to remain a peaceful land and any research there is to be of free access. Please tell me exactly where it says no ones allowed there, the stationing of U.N. Guards, any of that nonsense that you say is in the treaty. You can't because it's not in there, but I guess if you actually researched and read the treaty yourself you wouldn't be parroting what other people have incorrectly stated before you. Do your own research, don't get sucked in by these mind-numbing archaic theories. You do realize you look a lot smarter that way than buying into complete fallacies? or is it you're too scared to admit you're wrong and fess up and better yourself?

TJET 737

This has to be some liberal BS. Only a liberal could be so stupid to believe that this was all a hoax. How do you silence well over 400,000 people that went into the planing and execution of one of man's greatest achievements ever?


Leo Charles Ferrari was a St. Thomas University philosophy professor, noted Saint Augustine scholar, and founding member of the parody organization Flat Earth Society of Canada.. "Parody organization". The "document" is a parody, and you use it as "Proof". Woa. Really, took me 5 seconds to find out.

drew leonard

i come to these vids just to read comments...its great

max power's

yes and look around the window in the Blackness you can see all the gadgets of the ship blinking trying to make like they are stars or something like that for us small-minded people


Someone took the stars away ....

Joseph White

Same tired crap. You contradict yourselves right from the start. what a waste of time.

Steviyah 4


Patricia Scammell

When we landed the first time, we had to cut out a piece of film, that showed around seven extremely large needle-nose space craft parked around the crater. Their crew was standing underneath the craft. Astronauts had to get treated for 'depression' or 'alcoholism' although they were shocked but not depressed nor alcoholics. Someone still has this peace of film, that was replaced by a sequence made in Monthauk (fluttering flag). Ever since we haven't been back (with a space shuttle that is) But check out the TR3B (YouTube it, numb nuts!) our very own black triangle UFO made in the USA, zero point gravity, hyperluminous flight, 1 G inertia on the inside to protect crew from injury at take-off (straight up!!!!) is "flown" for years by our US Navy Space Command, the fleets are 'SOLAR WARDEN' and 'RADIANT GUARDIAN'. Acc. To British hacker Gary McKinnen who "googled" The Pentagon Computer and found extraterrestrial (American) pilots and (Space) destroyer-like ships with names that don't exist on earth. Plenty of witnesses. .... We cannot fly through the Van Allen Belt ?  laughable...Now we (were allowed a space station by the OTHER races stationed on the moon (back side). Get educated. That includes the troops in this video who probably got payed to call the ENTIRE first moon landing a hoax. Duhhh, better that tell the public about other races on our own moon ( they say, it belongs to them and was "towed" here from somewhere else...)

steven krueger

If I was there and had to listen to the what you cant do in Antarctica speak like you cant smoke theree........ I would of just threw the captain overboard after I cut his head off..... stupid people have no right to live.....:)


On the footage of "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon" I see a German shepherd face on the earth. Does anyone else see it?

TheCapri48 Gaming

14:00 is the Earth bigger than the moon or they are the same size cuz earth looks the same size as the moon when we see it here on earth.


Funny how everything they thought and assumed, was found to be correct in their fake trip to the moon.

Sam Tulach

What? You are kidding me? You say that if earth is globe it will be better to use ground antennas? Seriously? Think about it. Radio and other waves are going strait not round. That’s why we have satellites.

Paul Hughes

For those who are blind to illusions, that planet has a nice Disney esque to it. not the earth, but it has a dog, it isn't Pluto but its still a dog, look further you will see it, double bluff propaganda.

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