The Earth Is Flat And You've Been Lied To (NASA/Illuminati Deception Exposed)

  • Опубликовано 25 Сентября 2017

    Автор: rashawn71
    "The NASA Lie" Debunked & Exposed by Dave Murphy
    Never Be Deceived Again!
    Truth Is Always True - Yash Qaraah
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this is dumb people believe this? why? why? why? this is why we haven't started to colonisation mars yet because people like you flat earth people are dragging us down


When someone is confident in there finding and constantly giving evidence to support their argument its hard for me to call them stupid.

Andrew Wirtz

if the earth is flat, then you could see china or japan from california but you can't because the curvature of the earth creates the horizon which is the farthest you can see the earth starts to bend. also they are forgetting the earth is over 30,000 miles long.

Anthony Gilbert

Wtf is going on? This might be the dumbest sht i ever heard

Ligh ght

the earth is a fidget spinner

x Moon

OMFG, the Illuminati cuntfirmed and the Occult Satanist jerks want us to believe the earth is round... because..... O_O so they can..... Ó_ō you know they have this evil plan and..... ō.ō FUCK, they have their goddamn reasons! You get the point! Do I have to explain everything around here Ò_Ó

tom sawyer

This guy reminds me of Schmitty the flat earth girl

Jack Daniels

globetards going through the stages of grief lol their illusions have been crushed.

Leon Plays

omg I can't believe that half the people who wa5ched this video are dumb enough to believe the earth is flat, the guy at the start is so crazy


The earth is a fidget spinner

Thomas McKenzie

I'm only a minute and 45 seconds through, and they've already forgot about gravity. maybe the earth isn't flat or round, It just has amnesia.

Thomas McKenzie

I've watched the entire vid, and a;; the points can be disproved by science. any flat earthers can come at me and say one argument for the flat earth theory, and I can disprove it with science.

Me with my Chick

I still think its a big group of trolls. No one can be so stupid.

Jack Woelper

If the Earth is flat why isn't all the water falling off of the end of the ocean?

ChristianMan777 [69TH]

I have a question that I want a legitimate answer. If the Earth is flat, why am I able to fly in a straight line on the Earth and still end up in the same place as I started? We all know that my velocity would always be changing, gravity would bring my nose down, etc.


this idiot burned my brain cells within 3 minutes into the video

Amazing H

The earth can't be flat because if you look out at the sea then eventually the curvature of the earth makes it so you can't see any farther


deception ? lets put aside that this is complete horsheshit.. now tell me .. what would "they" gain from telling us that earth is round and not flat ?


Guys, listen I know it's annoying to know that people can be this stupid, but just let them die stupid. They want to think the earth is flat and all info we know it's fake bc "they" don't want us to know. Let them come up with their own info from nothing instead hahahaha

Sans the Skeleton

Ok so let me get this straight flat earthers think nasa is lying to them i could explain about what gravity and the horizon is but here another thing People figured out the earth is a sphere 2000 years ago did plus look at an eclipse what shadow does it make what is the shape of the shadow at the moon plus how the heck does nasa think that making us think the earth is a sphere make the control us ?

Dion Dimucci

So according to these people, walking in one direction long enough will make you walk off the planet?


Big pile of BS for dummies.

Skylar Hughes

are you retarded? because you seem retarded.


no the frikin ert iz a pentegen m9


Why is this even a question? oh modernity what have you done

Jacinda Lacroix

So who's that guy in the beginning? Did he do thousands of research like thousands of highly educated and intellectual scientists? Or just some random delusional guy from the street?

Jacinda Lacroix

Where the heck is the edge of the Earth then? All these bull crap and no evidence. Show me a picture of the edge of the earth or shut up.

Jesus Leyva

this is so funny

Frank Griswold

Made it 56 seconds in, guys you understand that a plane dosent need to put its nose down evey few mins due to gravity and the planes relative position to the core of the earth? I am not a scientist but this pretty common sense stuff.If the plane functioned on an anti_gravity field , then yes you would have to altitude about every 3 mins i would guess..

Marsipan mailen

The earth is obviously flat. I mean sircles don't exist in minecraft. Gravity is just there, I mean it doesn't matter we will all still Know that it is flat. Who cares about the haters! oh and remember to watch out for dinesours!

Wilford Warfstache

Why why i just i just fucking don't understand how the hell you can be this dumb like wth please no


wow....this is an absolutely stunning amount of stupidity in one video.

brandon hayes


Collin Austin

This is the kind of guy that woukd order his pizza boneless.

Fruits Gaming!

0:12 what bullshit Yes they pull down over a period of time but its not that noticeable.


Okay but what about boats? If someone is traveling on their boat wouldn't they eventually come across some sort of edge?

Revan smith

this is almost as dumb as current fimanism

Captain Obvious

If the Earth is flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now. Checkmate Flat Earth Nuts.

Zxylo 5

Stupid people. Earth is neither round nor flat nor a tucking triangle. Wtf is wrong with you all? It's a straight line!


I'm confused.if we can see all planets then they are able to go to space.


WTF you all got it wrong!! The earth is neither flat nor a sphere, it's obviously a fidget spinner

trent simons

Are you *?!!#@)(()&**%)*(*&%*%^$%^*(&^%#%^*^&*)(&^ serious ?????? that guy actually keeps a straight face!!! Photoshopped clouds ??? Under a dome??? Are we pets??? You gotta be kidding me no wait I want what hes smoking its some good shit!!! I have sat on my clifftop home 10 stories up and watched the cruise ships sail off to the horizon and gradually drop from sight as they follow the curvature of the earth. YOu gotta be some kind of delusionial to talk that shit out loud. this is almost as hilarious as the HOLLOW EARTH story aliens live in the center of our earth theres cities and clouds and everything Anything to get views and go viral Im astonished at the audacity of this whopper of a tall tale, frikkin Paul Bunyan move over!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

spacemanrylee 27

Ok but if NASA is trying to hide that the earth is flat than y are they letting people go on tourist rockets around the moon in 2021 and spaceX in 2019

Chinese nigger nugget

Soooo... is England still a city?


Why is this edited so much? was he messing up every other sentence?


This is the stupidest thing I've seen. Only 2 reasons to debunk this: 1. Why do we have seasons? 2. The fact that the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.


and your a dumbass

Greg Vlogs

No your all wrong the earth is a flying bum hole cus it smells

Greg Vlogs

Also if he's right why can't we see mt Everest

James Marchand

..Yes your right we have been lied to by You your the one who is the liar here .the Earth is round period .no flat you fucking idiot .

Xeon Vextro

This reminds me, one day my mother came back from Lowe's, and on the back of the receipt the guy wrote, "Google flat Earth." Why do people think the Earth is flat?

mud cat

What's weird about the flat earthers is that it's all driven by ego and the idea that we are somehow special. Get over yourselves

mud cat

If in anyway it somehow benefitted the government to lie about this retarded shit, don't you think it would be easier to control people if they told us the earth was flat?

Mariah Danielle

people dont know the definition of theory...... go back through your science text books from grade school and see how much of the ideas we are fighting over are known as theories in scientific community.


If the earth is flat, why can't you see the entire earth from Mount Everest? You can't, eventually everything falls below the horizon.

Kami No Yami

If The Earth Is Flat , Then Why The Sun And The Moon Or The Other Planets There Is Not Flat?

UnknownFallout_ _

the most realistic looking painting of a flat earth is in the thumbnail but I don't believe in a flat planet

UnknownFallout_ _

Earth identifies as an attack starship

Yee Haw

One of the first lessons in flight school is to examine the compasses gyroscopic procession when in turns. It banks to point north on its axis

Frd Drd


James Autry

If the earth is flat, what's on the bottom side?

A Bottle Of Clorox Bleach

People who find the earth flat are Basement Dwelling retards who dropped out before 3rd grade.


Y'all are stupid if ur in a plane can u see the whole world


this is what happen when you put crack in your weed boys and girls

Areo Malshan

i 1 2 die

Bryce Wakefield

The earth is round




wow stupidest thing ive heard

A Person

"The word sex in the clouds which they use to relate to uh... something" Me: *Fuck off and go eat your cheese itz.*

Daniel Pietnik

Water is sperm

Steffan Swanson

Distance from DTE (philippines airport) to LAX=7200 miles Distance from DTE to ANC (alaska) =5200 miles.

Noemi Arce

Whats the name of the speaker?  great info


the earth was flat till god showed up and created origami, now its in the shape of a paper swan

gay cunt

The earth is a laughing emoji pillow

Kyle Rowe

okay the reason why you dont have to dip to nose down on the curved earth is because of gravity. The escape velocity of the earth is about 24000 miles per hour. the escape velocity is what speed you need to escape the earths gravity and float out in space. a plane is going at max 600 miles per hour meaning that the gravity keeps the plane in so called orbit with the earth.


Lol, point Hubble at Earth. That's like taking a telescope and pointing it directly at my feet.


If the Earth is flat then how does the moon have different phases?

Fidget Daddy69

Me: if the earth was flat, then how would you explain Santa? Flat earther: Santa is a lie made by the government Me: :0

Nick Behrooz

Oh my gosh the earth is flat.... I live in South Carolina and pulled out my binoculars and saw the Eiffel Tower... This guy sounds ridiculous. I fly a lot for work and I've seen the sun set and the sun rise. So a flat earth sits still and the sun goes under the flat earth, then rises again? Also, you can see a very SMALL curvature of the earth from a plane. Also I'd like to see if he's ever been to eastern Montana. There's proof the earth is round. Montana is so flat you can literally see the clouds / thunderheads disappear over the horizon

Gruppo Sbobine

Breaking news "NASA recently announced sign of life withn brain of a flat earth believer" First comments reports: "this is the additional prouve that NASA tells bullshit...."

DavidQ Mesean

You know what doesn't make sense they say the earth is flat but they dont say the other planets are flat but how is the earth flat we walk flat but the whole dam sphere is rolling 24 hours

walter Jackson

you idiots stay sleeping you are all being mindfucked by the masses Earth is flat and nothing these actors and actresses at NASA are saying is true . You all are so deep in this mass deception that when the truth hits you FLAT in the face

troy arrington

Actually the Earth is... full of retards who like to believe everything is conspiracy


wow, a new lvl of retardation


i wachted this because of the fun. but why are there double clouds on the official nasa image wonders me

P. Samborskyy

At least he is a harmless imbecile, he believes that he is doing good, by exposing the outrageous lies of NASA on some polish late night show. Thankfully only a few people watched, because else they would have lost fate for humanity. Just like I did, after watching that clip. I will now watch some cute kittens doing some cute stuff, drink a cup of earl grey,  consider Brexit a good thing, and hope for the deadly, radioactive breath of nuclear Armageddon to cleanse the earth soon of human infestation, and by doing so granting god a chance at doing better next time when he decides to create live again.  Peace, long live and a painless and quick death when we will all finally be released from the icy clam of bad YouTube clips, mosquitoes, and flatearthism eternally.

Battlefront Films Group

This is dumb as fuck cause I traveled around the world to every continent

Asma Benmoud

It's right

eric davila

the earth is not flat the earth is not flat the earth is not the earth is not flat

eric davila

somebody misinterpreted their vison and is delusional.

eric davila

this was not bright I wouldn't even use this word in the same sentence fuck you you guys are gay

eric davila

don't believe this fucking bs

danny andre

The world is flat, in Gta 5

Depth Jacks

Man, people forgot the footage of the first man in space, which were madr in the 60s, look these up and yoh will see that the Earth is not flat.

Darrell Rayford

I still don't get what's the reason to lie about the earth being flat but this guy sounds really smart so he has to be right...

That Guy

Why do "flat Earthers" think they have know better than Issac Newton, if they read one of his books they would be lost one paragraph in. And don't say I wouldn't be able to understand either, because I'd get lost too, but I'm not the one trying to act like I know better than him.

Pyrotechnics 8

I want to go to space with flat earthers then press their faces against the glass and say,"Look at the Earth and how it curves!".


Bullshit! The earth is a square.

Soxfan 1998

How do you explain the seasons?

demir uygur

You all are wrong. The world is actually in a dick shape

T Toren

Is he a scientist, no

Jamal Taylor

he make sence specialy how he mention the illuminati got me realy thinking! even michael jackson say they lying to us in the history books kanye west say google lie to us. b4 he got fix like them black people in get out. wat i come to relize is wat ever i see on tv is not to far from the truth


If the Earth is flat, then I'd like to watch one of you stupid "Flat Earthers" get to the edge. Science has already disproved every aspect of this idiotic theory. What a bunch of morons.

renson allstar

Samuel Owen you literally just won the comment section on YouTube


I knew it!!!!!!!the earth is flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T Channel

Omg why are people saying they have to curve, THE GRAVITY WOULD KEEP THEM DOWN

jon snow100

Why would they hide that what is the point

Spiros Chondrogiannis

I would love to see Rohhirim charge and just scream DEATH on those who believe that earth is flat!!

Khaled Al-Hadi

are you illuminati ? and this time to tell people now ?

Dyllon w

RIP all of my fucking brain cells


A nasa image being 'fake' isn't automatic proof of the earth being flat. It's the same as the 9/11 theories. People talk about the screen going black for 17 seconds. True. But it doesn't prove fakery. Don't prove A but then assume it supports C. Nasa may fake or edit images merely to make them look nicer for the public, you don't want a shit image of a our planet for example.

Димитър М.

No one have seen it.. no round, no flat.. only nasa know what happens so ppl don't talk like this when noone of us know..

No Star Gaming

Has anyone thought of asking the Earth what shape it identifies as? It may physically be round or flat but what if it identifies as a donut??

dubstep kid

the earth isn't flat u dumb fucks if it was how do you explain the earth rotating hence the day and night cycle

Max Matacchioni

15:11 GPS doesn't work in southern hemisphere. lol

Jeff Bridges

The proof the Earth is under a dome, etc., is in fact becoming apparent, but let me ask you, what about Gary McKinnon and what he found out hacking into NASA's computers? Was Gary McKinnon paid by NASA and just yet another NASA hoax?

Dawson Kim

You guys are really idiots

Dawson Kim


Dawson Kim

This has much more dislikes XD

Dawson Kim

If you saw a boat floating away from you on the sea, from and island, then it would most likely dissapear over the "HORIZON LINE" ever heard of it?

Dawson Kim

Also during and eclipse, the earth makes a ROUND shadow on the moon. Stars appear on different places, depending on where your standing, also look at space documents.


Ok, there are tons of idiots in the world, if you have searched evidence for round earth (constellations, horizon, GPS, the fuckin' moon, etc) and against round earth (none basically)and still think that the earth is flat, you don't deserve to use a computer or a cellphone. Evidence is overwhelming, if you don't believe in science please stay away from this hell devices made by scientists

Ellie Marie

You're a real tard aren't you

CandyLicious Gamer

Why is this even a video? Everyone knows that the Earth is round

Walker Dillon

The only thing flat on this Earth is Kansas.

jai lit


Jeremy Mills

If the earth was flat then everyplace will be daytime at the same time when the sun is up

TheAppleGamer 0 Ye

This is called applying science to other regions of science where the same logic doesn't apply because of other factors.

The Larry

Ofcourse a fucking nigger thinks the earth is flat.



Brian Dover

He's live in his moms basement probably and this YouTube too

Marina Rodriguez

Very well put together, I enjoy listening to other ideas and beliefs.

it's me

that theory has so many holes... there are phenomenoms that can't be explained with this one but with a sphere earth. It just makes so much more sense

Atomic Man!

10k likes and 10k dislikes

Rodrigo Alvarado

you are so fucking stupid!!!! i dont have anything against niggers, but you are a lying parasite. you are so ignorant, the better would be a better place if you and your followers were death

John Humphrey Ogad

The earth is big that's why some people think earth is flat

John Humphrey Ogad

The earth is an oval not flat


If the earth is flat how do you explaine earth eclipse on the moon?

Houdini Aka the Magicman

The only way to prove this is one of these conspiracy theories people needs to send a camera into space that actually shows more then just bottom of a rocket that dont fly up straight.

Jaxson Giordano

I was the 11000 dislike

Lawrence Wong

I want to see this man get flown into space just to see how he reacts

Eugene H. Krabs

Your a, your a fuckin idiot

Taco Slayer

The reason why they send you back from Antarctica is because you don't have the right equipment. And if you mess with the equment it can be very difficult and dangerous to change back.

Zuros Corksin

by the gyroscope logic at the beginning people in Australia are holding on for dear life.

Tink Tink Gaming

This guy is a dumb ass

Lisa Rafael

My whole life is a lie. Remember how John F. Kennedy was assassinated? Oh i wonder why, because he tried speaking out about the groups of people trying to control this earth

Toby's World

Omg the earth is not flat

ThePotatoWarrior 720

People who believe that the earth is flat are really slow

Jeremiah Lindley

Earth spinning makes gravity, so actually the faster earth spins the stronger our gravitational pull is

Clorox Bleach

Does this fuck not understand gravity


So much BS within the first minute! The guy knows shit about aircrafts and physics. I won't bother watching the rest. So, you believe such a lie about the earth's shape is possible? Since a simple extramarital blowjob to a US president (the most powerful guy on earth) could not be kept secret? And undue civilian casualties during top secret operations in Afghanistan could not be kept secret? Since there are millions of people on earth working in space agencies, satellites industry, using data from satellites 24/7?... MAKES SENSE LMAO!

Mr Suti and his budy not harry potter Larry otter

How can u explain that u can go in a strait line but end up in the same place


this guy is retarded lol


This guy's logic would work if the Earth was the size of a fucking car park. Oh...wait, it isn't



Moatacim Zerrouki

Why would NASA fraud it? What's the benefit?

Franky V

Why hasn't anyone ever flown to the edge of the earth and documented it??? To many wholes in this guys theory...

Franky V

I've seen many weird shapes and images in the clouds.. does that mean the government is shaping clouds in certain ways?? BTW that doesn't even look like it says sex in the clouds..

Erica Hoxie

This is blowing my freaking mind. The earth is FLAT?! Why would they lie about this?! And there is no ANTARCTICA?! WHAT?!

bubble pop girlz


beware do not go on channel

Can you even open a door with a 1 oz brain


If the earth flat can i walk off the edge? xD

Lê Quân

Haven't watched the video, but i know i have to get that popcorn and soda ready

Lê Quân

The thing is, if you believe that the earth is flat, you're stupid. I don't give a shit about your IQ. I don't give a shit about you Havard Degree. I don't give a shit about your IELTS 9.0. I don't give a shit about how fucking clever your teacher is when she/he told you that. I don't give a shit about you have different religion. If you think Earth is flat, you're stupid, that's all.

Yassin Riabi

then the other planets....the milky way ....the universe are just a lie why would they hide the anyway ? for what reason ?


Have we not evolved?!

Miguel Ortiz

why people have to use insulting words. is there chemical imbalance on those?


This guy is an idiot

Mike Hunter

Of course a nigger is saying the world is flat. People who think the world is flat should be found and killed

Riyah Berry

The Government has lied to us about sooooooooo much shit, who's to say they didn't lie about the earth being round?

Alan Wayne

If the Earth was Flat then why can I travel in a straight line and come back to America? For that matter why haven't people found the edge?


A lot of the things people are saying has been answered in the video. They wouldn't say the things they are saying or be so quick to vote the man down if they had only listened to the whole video instead of discrediting the headline with their finite minds.

Gellért Gulyás

Human stupidity at it's finest.

Lemon Milk

The fucking earth is round not fucking triangular, not rectangle, it's not fucking flat, have and ya'll seen the fucking picture from space? It shows that it's ROUND

Mark Moreiras

the airplane argument is not possible. gyroscopes follow gravity which always pulls towards the earth. you are under the impression gravity pulls the the earth down, it doesnt gravity pulls things towards the earth. gyroscopes on earth point towards the earth with gravity not straight downwards. also can you see microbes, can you see them with a microscope? same with boats and being far away. we should send all flat earthers to the ISS

Raptor AA

I'm a Christian and sometimes I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist but the Earth being flat... Is ridiculous.

levi ackerman

if earth is flat the people on the end will fall

SonnieBoy Stocktone

Dumbass its a star i seen it myself


Why does the video skip???? FAKE!!!!!!!!

Brandon Slater

If the earth is indeed flat , How are we experiencing different time zones ? If the earth was flat it would've been day time 24/7.

The legendary mcboop

why is this half a fucking hour half an hour is one class in high school

Jarqavious Merriweather

The earth is not flat. If it was, most of us would of seen the solar eclipse from one angle. You goddamn idiots, our atmosphere would be totally different and I don't believe the earth would be spinning. You damn idiots need to stop making up these myths trying to mess up this world

Diablo army

This is so dumb

The Dead King

Okay so if a plane flying over a round planet needs to tilt the plane down, on a flat circle wouldn't you need to turn the plane ever minute or so

Blue Guy

This bald man is sstupid.even animal know earth is round


This is why you need to stay in school

ScArEd DeMoN

Actually the earth is a hexagon


The sad thing is, people actually believe this...

shaul sharabi


Mark Raishbrook

Waste of time commenting on this crap, but if the Earth is flat, how do you explain the seasons, the fact that at midday in Europe it's day but it's night in Australia, and ships disappear over the horizon at sea?

Jacky Trikster

what's next "Dinosaurs were fake"

MaNuel CoRona

Conner Schmidt

The earth is round you know what seasons are

shots fired

Earth is a parallelagram

Rotomi Walker III

Nasa lies! , why believe in a small group of people when you need to research for yourself!


Absolutely thick as 2 planks


What a fucking idiot! The reason NASA photo-shopped the word SEX on the clouds is to subliminally tell you that the Earth is Pennis shaped and the Moon and the Sun are the nads.

Growtopia Player

Idiots, if the earth is flat, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU JUMP OFF THE EDGE???

Tanzania National Socialism

School = Indoctrination Camp

Oday Al-Juboori

u retards the earth is a spinner

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